MIDI Chord Controller

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What is a Chordmonger?

Chordmonger is a MIDI chord controller that seeks to expand creativity among musicians by instantly placing a multitude of chords at a finger's reach. Chordmonger integrates seamlessly with any MIDI enabled hardware synthesizer, electric keyboard, or music production program. Its 108 chords, chord speed slider, and minimalist design create a platform of possibilities that anyone can enjoy, regardless of experience level.

List of features

  • Nine different chord shapes
    • Major| Minor| Dominant
    • Major 7th| Minor 7th| Minor 9th
    • Augmented| Diminished| Power Chords
  • Chord Speed Slider
    • Breaks the chord into an arpeggio
    • MIDI clock sync capable - Chord notes are played at various subdivions of your DAW's BPM
  • Chord Sequencer Mode (Note / Melody Mode)
    • Remembers up to 16 previously played chords
    • Adjustable tempo via tap or increment
    • Independently change the note range for playing chords and notes
  • Note / Melody Mode (Chord Sequencer Mode)
    • Play notes either with or without accompaniment from the sequencer
    • Independently set the MIDI channel for playing other instruments
  • "Flavor"
    • Plays an inversion of the selected chord
  • MIDI channel selection
    • Independently change the MIDI channels for both chords and notes
  • Latch Mode
    • Continues play of previous chord until the next is pressed

  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Case with Acrylic Face Plate

Chordmonger has 41 soft-touch buttons and a durable acrylic body. It offers both USB and 3.5mm MIDI connections. Using a chordmonger is as simple as plugging it into your synth or vst.